Question Cooler working normally and abnormally fast(and loud) at random


Nov 17, 2015
So i've noticed that my cooler has been acting up lately. Thing is: sometimes, it works completely silently, and if my laptop gets heated it does make a "whoosh" sound, nothing too loud, even when I play graphically demanding games; but at times it starts buzzing quite loudly and I can't figure out what is causing this, I've used compressed air to clean it (however, I didn't open my laptop completely ) but once again, cooler works normally at times, and just goes crazy at what seems like somewhat random pattern. It does happen usually when I play games, but even when it got a bit heated before (the issue) it wouldn't be this loud, at times even causing vibrations to my whole desk...
I'm thinking it may be caused by some kind of malware or simply because it's time is running out. But by all means, if you have anything, please help.
Let me get one more thing clear: when it starts buzzing my PC isn't necessarily heated in the slightest, so it's not just trying to keep up with the temperature as one may suggest.