Question Coolermaster Hyper 212 - poor quality fans


Mar 20, 2016
I bought many of these aftermarket CPU coolers because they work well and they are well priced. I manage many computers and have installed many of these on them.

To my dismay 2 years in and these fans become noisy. Upon closer inspection the fans on the coolers have no hole to put a drop of oil in them. So much for thinking cooler master products are quality products!! :(

From now on I will avoid Coolermaster but in my future buying decisions. I will need aftermarket coolers that have good fans with holes to service these when they become noisy. Does anybody have any recommendations of after market coolers that are well priced similar to the coolermaster's 212 but with better quality fans on them that can actually be serviced a couple of years in?


Mar 16, 2013
Fans don't get 'serviced', they get replaced. If it is now noisy, then there is now too much clearance between the shaft and the sleeve bearing. Any oil is a short term patch, at best.

In all my PC's since the 80's, cumulative 10's of millions of running hours on fans...I've had to lube exactly zero of them.


You're not going to fare well here if you downvote people for telling you the truth.

If you only pay for a cheap cooler, you only get a cheap fan. Companies don't stay in business including $20 fans with their $30 coolers. Every fan in every cooler at this price range is going to be a lower-end one, with increased risk of early failure.

These fans are usually interchangeable. If there's no problem with the heat sink, just get another fan; there's no need to replace the cooler unless you want better performance.
If you need to "service" fans, there is probably something wrong going on.
To my recollection, I have never had the need to lubricate a fan, even if I knew how to do it.
A noisy fan was usually caused by a stray wire touching the blades.

Then, also, if you need to spend time with the pc's, it is probably worth your while to install lower maintenance parts in the first place.
Your time is worth money.
I can't tell you which fans are longer lasting.
Many of the fans I have used are from noctua. If nothing else, they are quiet and efficient.