CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML360R RGB Review: The New Cooling Champ

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yeah, unfortunately the non RGB models are becoming like some of us computer guys.... ancient .. lol
I refuse to use anything RGB and pay twice the price for a cooler for what it is worth.

Besides for an 8700 you only need an H110i with 2 fans on the radiator, to keep it cooled properly. you dont need a 3 fan super long radiator. yes I know maniacs out there that cannot live without overclocking everything and want super duper flashy RGB lights on their disco ball computer.

I rather pay less for hardware with comparable performance minus the " look at meeeeee " statement


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It is also more expensive and doesn't perform as well, but I do prefer the NZXT infinity mirror pump face and lighting over that of most AIO coolers.

Besides, you can opt to just turn the RGB lighting 'off', although a non-RGB version that doesn't carry the LED lighting price premium would be a generous option.


Apr 29, 2014
I have an Antec Mercury 360 on my 8700k @ 5Ghz and it keeps nice and cool even at load ( 38C-42C in games) and 70C-80C under extreme stress testing.
May 25, 2018
If I am forced to buy something like this because of the good performance of the product, my first action will be to cut down all the RGB crap and curse the producer for forcing me to pay more money for those idiotic lights for idiotic peasants.


Oct 20, 2015
Interesting that your previous "champ", the Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 TT, was not included in these tests. Why is that exactly?


No offense, but this wasn't a test of the performance offered by a 360mm rad/coolant/pump, but a test of the ability of the 3x CM RGB fans on a 360mm rad.

Would have been interesting to see the difference if the nzxt fans were also used on the CM rad or maybe the venerable Noctua NF-F12 on all of the rads, eliminating the fans themselves as a variable.

There's 2 temps you can play with, cpu temp and liquid temp. With as erratic as cpu workloads and resultant instant temps are, that's not going to be reliable for daily testing, it changes second to second. Liquid temps are solid, takes forever for them to change 1°C in either direction, so for me, the same performance at a quieter volume puts the nzxt fans above the CM as king. So far. But thats also dependent on the ability of the rad to effectively dissipate the heat, which is also an unknown, not having been tested against the other rads.

I'd not even give it the value crown either, not with its $230 current price, vrs $180 for the TT floering or $116 for the Fractal Design Celsius S36. Could buy the FD, 3x RGB fans without the cabling nightmare that would be easily matched with gpus or mobo or case lighting, and still come out cheaper. For similar performance.
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