Question Coolermaster ML360R waterblock mounting issue?

Nov 9, 2020
I cannot find this answer anywhere as it doesn't seem to be an issue. I think I may have a CPU waterblock mounting issue because these temps seem too erratic for an AIO of this caliber. The idle temps are okay at best around 32-35 degrees, but the load temps shoot straight to 85 degrees, and then fluctuate between 67-85 degrees. It was like this for a half an hour, but from what I understand it should only being getting to that temperature until 20-60 minutes in certain situations. I followed the instructions very closely and I returned one and got the same results. I am running an i9-10850k 10 cores at 5.1ghz which I had stable at around 85 degrees max with a noctua NH-D15. I expected this AIO to match or even be a litter better at saturated temps, but instantly? Not at all. The temps were worse when I had it top mounted. Which brings me to the case. I have a Cooler Master h500p mesh which is designed for air flow. I saw many threads where they had no issues top mounting the radiator (mostly 240mm) and having no issues exhausting it out of the top. The temps shot to around 93 degrees and climbed to 95 degrees minutes later and I stopped after that. I switch to front mounted with a push/pull configuration and the 200mm fans exhausting at the top which gave me the results earlier mentioned. They aren't terrible, but the temps don't seem right. Especially when it's acting like an air cooler with sudden ramped temps like that. My motherboard is an Asus Rog Strix z490 Gaming-E. The LGA 1200 socket isn't listed as support for this cooler, but any 115x socket compatible cooler works with LGA 1200 which I know that isn't the issue. Has anyone experienced an issue like this before???