CoolerMaster v8 =: (


Aug 12, 2009
Just to let people know I love cooler master, but one should pick what he buys from them IMHO.. i got the scout and its a GooD case, its not perfect, every now and then I find some problems i wish i could fix, but shits gots rivets :( throughout but i love their new 90cfm fans, things put some air in and they're pretty quiet.. anyways

So i got my v8 and was carried away w/ all the hype that comes w/ it, i mean the things sexy, the red radiating from the center goes perfectly w/ my case and it looks as though it would do quite a cooling job! But, once i screwed the 1366 hardware to the thing, one of their flush-mount screw's head broke off, no biggie maybe just over-tightened it a lil too much... so i get another, get the thing into my case, still looks saweet. go to put the retension bracket on and notice it only has 3 of the plastic insulators on the back, no biggie, UPS guys can be a lil robust and chuck stuff, still not CM's deal... so i find something to pad and give it some space so when i screw the pl8 on i'm pretty level, and thus have similar dissipation throughout, then w/ the nuts, get to crossed on and the third won't tighten, its completely stripped and i havn't even fastened it yet. By now im getting a little bit frustrated.. so i finally get the thing to hold itself on w/ what seems securely so i boot up ambient temps about 70f- idk C- anyways im getting around 60C idle temps- pissed... So i tighten the nuts a bit more, and then boot. Sweet hit the sweet spot idles around 30 load at 55 or so.. then the fan starts clicking so i poke around and boom. falls onto my top 4890 and made 2 of the mobo's holes a bit bigger, after messing w/ it i gave up and got a rosewill fort120 w/ 50c Max on my i7 at 3.8.. Is this just a fluke or is there a bit of it going around?
Yeah, sounds like you have some hard luck with the one you got.
I have one on the my secondary machine that has had no issues for quite some time.
RMA it and you should be fine.


Apr 8, 2009
Wow! I just drove across the country with my rig and the fan didn`t budge... I would say that is a huge QC problem. I hope you called them and told them about this... not that you`d want a new one.
The Rosewell has worked out though, I hadn`t heard good things from people about them. I am glad to hear you finally got something that works though :)


Sep 20, 2009
I just got a V8 for my i5 750 and when I was putting in the small screws I also had a head fall apart.

I found a case screw of the same thickness and took a metal file to the top to flatten it and then screwed it in and it hold perfect so far.

My only issue is I think due to the lack of an official 1156 backplate even though I have it mounted without a backplate

The cooler does not seem to be that effective,I had to reapply it 30 or so times to get a full thermal grease print on the base of the cooler,I was getting a quarter print the first 20 something times.

I hit 70C at 1.28 v on my i5 750 at 3.9 Ghz and I see ppl with much lower temps,heck even one guy has a higher clock than me with the stock HSF.

I have the EVGA P55 SLI board so it has 775 mounting holes but due to the 1156 cpu socket backplate the X shaped backplate of the 775 coolers does not sit flush enough to screw in all four screws.

I am hoping my temps drop when cooler master releases the retention kits on the 22nd.