Question Cooling a R9 5950x with a Be Quiet Silent Loop 2?


Jul 30, 2016
Hi Gang,

Looking for some advice and guidance please as I'm a bit of noob to this pc building thing, but hey... I finally did it!

First question, what temperature reading should I be looking at? CPU or CPU Package? I'm guessing package. Is that what people are referring to in general when they list their temperature readings? I noticed the package is usually about 10* hotter than the CPU. I imagine CPU temp is just an average reading of all the cpus?

I recently acquired a 5950x and am looking for some guidance on a decent cooler. I currently have a Be Quiet Dark Rock Slim on it, from my previous cpu, but it's probably not enough... especially when it gets pushed to 100% load. It will hit 90* on cinebench R23 on "auto OC" from Ryzen Master. On Idle, it will be around: CPU - 42, CPU Package 51. I'm looking to have my CPU set to "auto OC" at least all of the time and until I learn more about OCing.

I see that Be Quiet has a new Silent Loop 2 AIO, besides it looking really dope (aesthics do matter to me), has anyone had any experience with it? I am likely going to get the 280mm version. Do you think that would be enough to cool my CPU pretty good and prevent it from hitting the 90* mark? Provides headroom? I've been looking for reviews but there isn't much out there. A handful.

These 16 cores produce a lot of heat and when I see the idle temps hovering around 50 to 60* (CPU Package) it makes me cringe. It could be that I just never had to deal with 16 cores before and am not really sure what I SHOULD be seeing. Maybe its fine? heh.

Case: Corsair Airflow 4000D
CPU: Ryzen 9 5950x
Be Quiet Cooler being considered:

Thanks for your help!