May 22, 2021
Ok, so I have an I9 9900k and a RTX 2080TI that I use for games and a while back I had a cooling issue when I tried to play Cyberpunk so I had some cooling fans installed, and the shop I brought it to told me that Cyberpower Hooked up the liquid cooling, but never actually connected the fan, so I was running a couple years playing hardware intensive games, without any sort of cooling fan. Ok cool.

Fast forward to now, cooling fans are in, but recently, maybe starting a week ago I was playing a game, and then suddenly - kind of like a pop I guess? - the air around me got hot, way hotter than it normally does when I'm playing games and my cooling system just gets loud for a second, and then quiets down. You know, like when it's trying to quickly cool the CPU off because it's getting too hot. Like it was doing before I had the case fans put in. So I played some more games, with HWMonitor running, and it said I was at 60c, which is normal for games, the hottest I've gotten before it started doing the loud thing was 85c.

Which leads to my problem of why is it making that loud sound now at 60c when it's never done it with that low a temperature before? So I set my corsair lights to change to certain colors when my computer hits a certain temperature, red for if it gets to 495F or higher. The lights turned red, and they stayed red. Even a non demanding game like Assetto Corsa makes my computer go loud now, even Star Wars the Old Republic, makes my computer go loud. Is this a sign that my liquid cooling is dying? Should I buy a new one and get it replaced now? Or am I missing something here?


Dec 15, 2011
Sound like you just need to adjust the fan curves, you can tell when the fans to ramp up when it hits a particular temperature. It maybe set in the BIOS where the fans are told to ramp up at the regular temperatures that you're use to.
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Wait, 495°F? That's bad. 257°C. Something isn't right there, at all.

Ok, I realize for some archaic reason there are some places where fahrenheit is acceptable, but not for a pc. Should use °C as it's a more easily understood metric. Figure 100°C is extra, very bad, so anything lower is getting better.

Loud pop. Open the side panel/look through the window, but when gaming, every single fan should be spinning at a good rate. That includes the fans on the video card.
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