May 14, 2012
I recently got a newly assembled pc around with the following specs:
Core i5 2500 @3.3 Ghz
Asus P8H61-M LX Mother Board
8Gb Dual Channel DDR3 Ram
Sparkle Nvidia GTX 560 Ti
500 GB Hitachi HDD
Cooler Master 650 SMPS
Windows 7 Home basic 64
all this in an I-ball cabinet having one rear fan.

All this got me really excited but of late i have benn getting BSODs , RSODs, GPU error messages, and yesterday my computer froze while I was playing MW3 and this was followed by a loud buzzing sound.
I had to restart the pc manually and then tried to check videos from youtube but the pc froze and the screen became pinkish red with purple alll over the place.
I used CPUID HWMonitor and found that my CPU temp was around 87C to 90C.
Could you please help me out and send some solutions my way. Is this a cooling problem or something else?? Btw all my drivers are up to date.


Feb 22, 2012
Ya think?? Yeah I would say your cpu is WAY over temp...it should idle between 30-40C and load out at 50-70C NOT 90C.

Either your fan died on your cpu cooler or it's defective or not working...

Fix the cooling issue before you smoke the motherboard or processoror video card and so on...fix the cooling!