Question Cooling upgrade for HP Omen 25L with Intel i7-10700 ?


Sep 5, 2020
Its been many years since I messed around with PCs, I am old now and out of touch but I find that my HP Omen 25L runs Microsoft Flight Simulator for only an hour or so before it quits with a "Thermal shutdown 90D" - I have no idea what that means but I gather this machine is a bit lacking in the cooling department. I suppose it's the CPU that's overheating rather than the graphics card (Geforce RTX 2060 Super) ?

I have run the HP fan/cooling diagnostics, cleaned the fans and he CPU heatsink / cooler.
While running MSFS 2020 the CPU regularly touches 100C while the graphics temp sits below 85C.
My question is, will one of these fit:
And if it does, will it solve the problem?
Many thanks for any suggestions.



Yes, it does fit. NH-D9L is 110mm tall.

Looked around the net and wasn't able to find what the actual CPU clearance Omen 25L case has, but did find this topic,

Where Ivan_Drago said that Noctua NH-U9S did fit into their Omen 25L PC case.
Noctua NH-U9S specs:
amazon (black color):

NH-U9S is 125mm tall, so i guess the CPU cooler clearance is ~125-130mm.

And based on what Ivan_Drago said, NH-U9S did help to cool their Core i7 far better as well.
So, i suggest that you also get NH-U9S for your PC. It's a bit bigger and based on Noctua's own in-house rating of CPU cooler performance, NH-U9S has NSRP of 93, while NH-D9L has NSRP of 88 (higher NSRP is better).

Further reading about what NSRP is,