Copy IDE hard drive to IDE hard drive


Jun 30, 2011
I have an old Windows 95 system. I also have an IDE hard drive replacement. How could I copy the data from the old hard drive to the new hard drive?
Why isn't this in the Win95 forum?

Copying Windows 95 to a new drive is relatively easy with no additional software needed. It has been a FEW years since I did this, but here is an outline of the steps:

Install the new drive as a slave.
Format it.
From a DOS prompt make it it bootable with sys d: (assuming D: is the new drive).
Copy all files except the swap file. You will get warnings about overwriting some system files, but OK the overwrites.
Shut down the PC.
Remove the old drive, and set the new one to master.
Boot up to a Win95 boot floppy disc.
Run fdisk and make the new hard drive active.
Reboot to the hard drive and all should be well.