May 19, 2021
I have this problem sometimes and only when copy past from my server to my gaming PC never happened when file transfer from my Gaming PC to my Server
when i try to Copy Paste from my Server to my Gaming PC Both running windows 10 Pro 64bit my server is running i5 3570k with 16 gb ram and my gaming PC i7 6700k and also 16 gb ram
the green bar will freeze at certain points for a second or 2 then jump forward and sometimes also the speed will drop suddenly to Zero for 10 or 20 seconds then continue
i checked the SMART data of all of the drives WD Red 4 tb on my Server No error everything is Normal also the drives on my gaming PC Everything is Normal
1 do you have any idea why ?
2 can this behavior corrupt files from Source i mean my Server ?


Start either Task Manager or Resource Monitor (use both but only one at a time).

Then with the window open do the copy /paste as normal and observe what happens with respect to system resources.

Determine what resources are being used, to what extent (%), and what is using any given resource.

Use the small arrows (when shown) in the column headers to sort results. Watch the graphs for peaks and valleys that correspond with the freezes and jumps.

Anything disrupting file transfers can cause file corruption. Could happen on source, target, or both.

Before doing anything else ensure that all important data is backed up at least 2 x to other locations not on the current host, and that the data is proven both recoverable and readable.