Core 2 duo e7500 vs core 2 quad q8400

Welcome to the site. The Q8400 is by far a much better processor but IMO if your building a new system go with an I5 or I7 but if your just looking to upgrade your CPU on your current system then the Q8400 would be a solid upgrade and give alot better performance over the E7500 but i would definatly look into overclocking it to atleast 3.0 ghz can be done on stock cooler and voltages with ease.


Jul 31, 2009
SAAIELLO is right, but it's worth noting that not all applications benefit from a quad-core--some even run faster with a higher-clocked dual core.
If we knew more about why you're looking at these processors we could give you a better recommendation.


Nov 27, 2008
Well... no opinions here, but the Q8400 is going to be better "most" of the time.

Programs that are only dual core optimized will see the E7500 perform better because of the 1MB extra L2 cache per core and higher clocks. (3MB L2 vs 2MBx2 L2, 2.93ghz vs 2.66ghz) The E7500 will also run cooler and use less power (which in turn leads to better overclocking), since it is a dual core.

So for "most" people/situations the Q8400 will be better. :)


Sep 26, 2008

Completely disagree with the above statement. Not only is the Q8400 a POS processor, 'most' people still benefit from higher clocked duals.

And that is why i still be running an E8200 in myh main box. I have a q8200 in a box i use for encodeing video but i find better performance from my E8200 which is overclocked alot and still runs idle around 30 where as i couldnt get the q8200 much over 3ghz.