Core 2 duo MOBO question.


Aug 14, 2006
So im thinking about updating my computer piece by piece. Now i already have a P4 630(which is a great OCer by the way) i got 2.5 GB of DDR 400mhz of ram(wierd i know but it works good(512,512,512,1GB). Now to my question. If i bought the new Core 2 duo MOBO socket LGA 775, i know i could use my current processer because its the same socket and support 533mhz DDR 2 but my main question is would i have to buy new ram for the MOBO i would hate to waste 2.5GB of ram having to buy the DDR 2. Right now im guessing i have to unless somewhere out there theres a mobo that can support both DDR's which im guessing there isnt.

I want to contiune using my current processer until i can get a core 2 duo aslo wondering whats a good Core 2 duo mobo. Specially looking to OC my current processer and new processer when i get one. just wanna keep the ram.


Aug 24, 2006
I would take a look at this article:
I'm thinking of upgrading to an E6600 or E6400 and need to keep my AGP graphics card. This mobo, the ASRock 775Dual-VSTA takes DDR and DDR2, and its only around 60-70 bucks. also has a great buying guide for Conroes here:
I love this article b/c they focus mostly on realistic options, rather than benchmarking $3000 worth of hardware every time.

The mobo doesn't overclock much, but if you're keeping DDR, you shouldn't worry about that anyways.


Sep 10, 2006
Because you have ddr 1 ram the fastest processor to go with it would be the athlon x2.

You could get a good o/c 939 motherboard and a 3800+ to 4800+ are fairly cheap now, a 4200 would probably o/c to 2.6 ghz if you have adjustable voltages and your ram is overclockable.

You're not going to have a core 2 duo but if you keep your hard drives, ram, and cases you save alot of money and it will probably be a worthwhile alternative until 45nm quad cores come out late next year which will be the next big o/c thing thanks to lower thermal properties on a single die.

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