Core 2 duo vs core 2 quad , which is best??


May 14, 2012
Hello friend,

Today i m typing this to clear a doubt based on two processors.................... and i need your help here.

the comparison is between the intel's processors 'core 2 duo' and 'core 2 quad'

which is the best one for gaming and as well as for the performance and speed.

i m using core 2 quad , it is more expensive than core 2 duo...

so what is the advantages of these processors

what is the advantage of a quad core,,, please help me.........

and also

can core i3 beat a quad core ????????????

please reply thanks.....


Apr 19, 2007
For gaming most of the time the dual core will be better.
Most games don't use more than 2 cores, many games still only use 1 core for the core mechanics, other things like voice chat... might get offloaded to a 2nd core.
That means the 2nd core is not fully loaded and has ample room for background tasks (windows, antivir...).
For the same budget and thermal envelope a dual core will run faster.
If you run heavily threaded applications (video editing, photoshop...) or need to run many applications at the same time the quad core will be better.

The Core 2 Quad is also intel's first generation of quadcore processors, newer generations are far more efficient and can switch off unused cores. That way a modern quad core CPU can speed up its active cores if some cores are unused.