Core 2 duo vs dual core which is better


Apr 23, 2012
All Core 2 Duos are dual cores, some Dual Cores are Core 2 Duos, all dual cores have 2 cores.

But seriously, Core 2 Duo is a specific type (family) of dual core processors.

The two largest processor manufactures are Intel and AMD.
"Core 2 Duo" is an Intel dual core processor, while "Athlon X2 Dual-Core" is an AMD dual core processor.


Core 2 duo was a cpu product line ran by intel in which the 2 cores run together as a pair, it means the cpu can only scale by a pair of cores at a time. It was also a line that has been book-ended by dual coe cpus. A dual core is simply a cpu with two cores which can scale up or down by a single core at a time, hence AMD's triple core cpus but not intel's core 2 triple.

As to which is better is a bit more complicated because core 2 cpus are specific to intel but both intel and AMD have dual core cpus which precede, succeed and run at the same time as them. However, if you're looking at current sockets (lga1156/1155/1366/2011) then core 2 duo/quad doesn't come into it because it was specific to lga775.
Well, paul, that was clear.:)

tito, technically thare are Dual Core CPU's, Core2 Duo CPU's, and most confusingly Dual-Core CPU's.

These originally designated three different chip families, but now they are pretty much grouped into "Dual-Core" now.

It is almost simpler to talk about names (Allendale, Conroe, Wolfdale) or designations (E2180, E6600, E8400). Except there are two E6600's (Conroe @ 2.4 GHz and Wolfdale @ 3.0 GHz). :)

Intel has not done us any favors.

"dual core" (lower case) is an adjective describing a CPU with two cores in a package. The others are trademarked brand names.