[SOLVED] core 2 quad q6600 only showing 2 cores

Apr 14, 2020
i've checked everything in this pc
core temp only showing 2 cores
task manager only showing 2 cores and 2 logical cores
msconfig>boot>advanced options only showing that the maximum cores i have is 2
there are no settings to activate all cores in bios which means there is no need to talk about it. (my bios is version 0609. it's the maximum version my mobo can support)
because this, i can't run any app. it keeps crashing.

back in the day, i installed this cpu. it works well, it got 4 cores running.
but then, it overheated. not very bad. it was 80 degree celsius. it keeps increasing. making me have to quickly turn off the pc and switch it with the old cpu which is still having a thermal paste.
today, i installed it again. with better thermal paste and fan.
in core temp. it said that it's a core 2 duo e6600 conroe.
in properties, it said i have a core 2 quad q6600.
what should i do now?

edit: in device manager, it displays every 4 cores. it's the only program that displays 4 threads. because even BIOS doesn't
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