Core 2 Quade 9400 and Vista 64 SP 1


Jul 13, 2009
Recently, I have upgraded my hardware. My new processor Core 2 Quad 9400 requires Vista 64 bit SP1. I found this info from its official. Right now I'm using XP SP 2. Should I install Vista 64 bit SP1 for better CPU Performance or stick with current XP SP 2. I have not used Vista before.
My motherboard is 750i SLI Nvidia Geforce and Graphics card is Sapphire ATI 4890. Any suggestion?
Vista would not be a bad choice, though at this point in time you might want to consider waiting for Windows 7... since it is out near the end of October. It all depends on the price. If you can get Vista significantly cheaper than Win 7... then by all means go for it. However, if the price difference isn't all that significant, wait for Win 7.