Core i3 2310 or amd phenom ii x6 in my circumstances?


Mar 30, 2012
I'm planning on buying a new cpu. Here is my circumstances:

1. I've UPS, Operating System, Optical Drive, Keyboard, Mouse, NVIDIA 9400gt (I'm aware its too backdated but wont be changing in a year), 1366 x 768 res 19' LED.
2. My choice is between i5 2300/2310 which costs around Rs. 9000 (I'm aware 2500k is way better but it costs Rs. 3000 more which I cant afford) and amd phenom ii x6 (any, i can choic that. the and i need is i5 2300 or phenom ii x6).
3. If i go for amd, i've to buy a psu. but that wont be the case for i5 (9400gt consumes very less watt and i wont be connecting my dvd rw to make sure my 400watt psu runs it).
4. i'll be buying a motherboard too but i can take care of that and choose one which can be used in case i upgrade.
5. budget fixed. ans to the point requires
5. Budgt