Core i7 $2500 Rig


Dec 15, 2008
Get a Corsair 750w instead of the 1000w, unless you are planning to add another 4870x2 later for crossfire.

The DVD burner you chose is IDE, get a SATA instead.

That motherboard is also way overkill. Get an ASUS P6T vanilla or at the very most the P6T Deluxe V2.

If you want to save $400 or maybe get a second 4870X2 for c-fire then drop the sound card and surround sound speakers. Unless you are really in to that sort of thing then I don't see why you would need that fancy sound system. <---if you could take one minute out and fill that out "copy paste" it would be a big help. :)

Also I can see where some major changes could be made on that build of yours...not only would it save you some money, but it wouldn't cut down on any performance.

a few things I can see right off the get go...the psu - monitor resolution - vid card don't match up...that's just to name a few.


Mar 29, 2009
get audioengine a5 speakers and a xonar essence stx sound card.

and if you wanna get pro get denon d5000 headphones and lme49720NA opamps for the essence