Core i7 3960x performance issue


Mar 26, 2012
I've just built a system with a i7 3960x processor. I also have set up to dual boot Win 7 64 and XP-64.
After running benchmarks in both OS's, I've noticed that the computer runs quite a bit slower with XP-64.

Here's an example of my Cinebench 10.5 scores

Rendering (1CPU) - 3457
Rendering (xCPU) - 28467
OpenGL Standard - 7413

Rendering (1CPU) - 6392
Rendering (xCPU) - 33316
OpenGL Standard - 10715

The hardware and their clocks are the same and at stock speed in both OS's, the only thing different is which OS I boot to.

I know this is not specifically a XP-64 issue because I have another computer running with that OS and an i7 860 and it does not have any problems with low benchmark scores in different OS's.

I'm using an ASRock X79 motherboard and 16 gigs of G.Skill RAM, in case that's relevant.

...any ideas why XP-64 is running this processor so slow?



Nov 9, 2009
Because XP cant take advantage of the new openGL and DX standards that greatly improve the speed of rendering. Or any advantages that 7 has with multi-threaded performance. XP is a dead OS so unless you specifically need to use a program only written for XP that will not for any reason work on 7.

There is no benefit to using XP anymore and people who say there is need to go and relearn what they think is better than 7.


Mar 26, 2012
I use rendering software that (usually) runs more smoothly in XP-64. I know it's a nearly dead OS, but it still works better in some ways than Vista or Win 7.

As for the OpenGL or DX idea, that might account for the lower score in the OpenGL Standard test, but that doesn't effect rendering CPU test scores. For those, you could have a $2000 professional card, $500 gaming card, or $30 super low end card in that PCIe slot and the Rendering CPU score would be roughly the same each time. ( I know, I've tried it). Rendering in this case is purely handled by the CPU.

Here's an interesting update though...

XP-64 (Hyper-threading turned Off):
Rendering (1CPU) - 5495
Rendering (xCPU) - 27077
OpenGL Standard - 9915

Now I'm really confused.