Core i7 920 default vCore seems low, bad contact w/ mobo???


Jan 25, 2010
I've recently built a Core i7 920 rig and have a question about the default cpu core voltage. I haven't fooled around with overclocking yet, as I'll wait till I get a better cooler, so all settings in BIOS are on auto. According to both Asus Ai suite and CPU-Z my system (using auto setting for CPU vCore in BIOS) gives a reading of 0.98 @ 1.67gz. It moves up to v1.16 @ 2.91gz automatically when loaded.

Is this normal, or should I manually set the vCore to any default volts? Whys should my rig opt for 0.98?

The thing is, 3D mark vantage only shows my system as having 5.98gb ram, rather than 6gb ram.....
Could that be a sign of a bad contact between cpu and the mobo?

Core i7 920 D0 revision, stock cooler
Asus P6X58d premium mobo
Patriot DDR3 6GB PC-10600/1333 CL9 Ram
BFG 8800 GTS 512
Thermaltake 750 watt PSU
It's completely normal, and not a sign of anything bad. It's dropping the voltage at idle to save power.

Don't worry about it.