Core i7 920 Heat Problem

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Mar 24, 2010
EDIT: Nevermind. I feel stupid but, the issue was the heatsink wasn't locked in like I thought it was. Dur.


I just put a new system together a few days ago.

eVGA E758-A1 Motherboard
Core i7 920

I'm using the stock heatstink+fan. I wiped the thermal paste that came with it off, and used artic silver 5. I followed the instructions, spreading a line across the CPU in the correct direction. I turned it on, and my CPU was idling at 85C. Using the overclocking software that came with the MB it said the core temp was 95C-100C.

I tried reseating the CPU, thinking I used too much artic silver. I used less and have had the same results. It runs at this temp without any overclocking.

Any tips, or ideas of why this is happening? Yes I'm using the stock heatsink but a lot of other people do and don't have their temperatures this high, even with overclocking, and even under full load. Mine idles at 85C, something is definitely wrong.

Thanks for your help
Not open for further replies.