Core i7 920 system: MB, GPU and RAM questions


Apr 17, 2009
Building a new system and am unclear on a few choices... I hope you can help. I'm in the UK so prices are in GBP, mostly from

Goals: fast system for software development and multitasking. I run a lot of software at once and some accesses huge local databases, others are CPU intensive. Therefore, I decided I need a Core i7 920 based system.

I do some gaming but it is not a priority so graphics wise I'd just like to get something with decent price/performance.

My system is on most of the time so noise is a big issue. My current setup (Athlon Mobile XP 2500+ based, slightly o/c) is terrible in that regard.

I don't plan to do a lot of overclocking, only as much as I can while keeping noise levels down.

I intend to run Windows XP Professional x64 Edition initially if drivers let me, then probably move to Windows 7 skipping Vista.

Things I'm decided on:
CPU: i7 920 OEM, 225 GBP
CPU cooler: Ultra-120-1366RT eXtreme, 52 GBP
PSU: Enermax MODU82+ EMD625AWT, 98 GBP (good noise ratings)
HDD: 300 GB WD3000HLFS, 197 GBP (decided that SSD is immature); will need a HDD slieve/smth for it as the stock one is loud
GPU cooler: Accelero S1 v2, 18 GBP (to keep noise down)

I'm carrying over 2 of my old SATA drives to run them in RAID1 setup for the important data. I'm carrying over my old case as it's a decent one with fairly big fans, I will upgrade that later if needed. And I'm carrying over my two 30'' and 20'' monitors and need to run them in dual-DVI mode.

MB: Very unclear on which one to get. I've decided on either Asus or Gigabyte but I cannot decide between:
P6T, 193 GBP
GA-EX58-UD4P, 207 GBP
GA-EX58-UD5, 218 GBP
P6T Deluxe (V2), 233 GBP

Are they all passively cooled and won't require a fan? Leaning towards GA-EX58-UD4P at the moment as I think its power consumption is lower than the P6T or GA-EX58-UD5 but it's not missing any important features.

GPU: Probably decided on getting the HD4850 or HD4870, but not sure which one, whether 512MB or 1GB RAM and which brand:
Gigabyte HD4850 512MB, 124 GBP
Gigabyte HD4850 1024MB, 143 GBP
Gigabyte HD4870 1024MB, 158 GBP

Leaning towards HD4850 1024MB at the moment but really not sure why.

RAM: I think I need 3x2GB but I'm not sure if I need 1600 or 1333 Mhz RAM and how much I need lower latency:
Corsair 1333 LC9, 64 GBP
Corsair 1600 LC9, 90 GBP
OCZ 1600 LC8, 99 GBP

Leaning towards Corsair 1600 LC9 at the moment as I didn't find the OCZ on most UK sites.

I haven't built a system since 2005 so kind of struggling with all this. Any comments will be appreciated.


Apr 17, 2009
Update from discussing this on other forums:
MB - gonna do P6T as I fear LAN issues on the Gigabytes
GPU - gonna do stock passively cooled HD4850 1GB as in GIGABYTE GV-R485MC-1GI
RAM - probably the 1333 LC9 Corsair as I won't be overclocking that much.


Oct 11, 2008
I've got a similar system, P6T Deluxe V2 and the same CPU as well. I also run Windows XP Professional x64, it runs perfectly, in fact it flies compared to Vista or Windows 7, and all the necessary hardware drivers are available for it. Like you, I'm skipping Vista and moving to Windows 7 maybe when Windows 7 RTM is out, or even Windows 7 SP1.