Core i7 920 - what to use for liquid cooling?


Feb 10, 2009
Im going to get the core i7 920 and plan to overclock it to around 4ghz but i've been reading around and once you get that high, you need some serious cooling to keep the temperatures low. So, I want to buy a liquid cooling system for the processor but i cant find any that fit the LGA1366 socket of the i7. I've heard that building a custom setup is better than buying a pre-built one and my budget is max $250 (im new to liquid cooling, but i know the basics). Does anyone know of a good kit whether it be pre-built or DIY for the core i7 920 and if you do, please link to a site that i can buy it from and list the parts i need if possible. Thanks :D


Nov 20, 2007
Boy your cutting it close at $250. Here is a just stuff I have posted to help folks just like you. Random, but a lotta stuff. Please, it's not best buy store, you gotta know what your doing before you leap..
Us guys have done the WC thing, there are basics you gotta know. Take a look, don't take it as a diss on you or a rebuttal, look at as a friend saying "Dude, you gotta know what to say and how to communicate".
CPU HS $65
GPU HS and air HS for vram and mosfets $95
Radiator $60 min, up to $130
Pump $80
Resiviour $25
Hose, some barbs and clamps etc (min $25, more like $35)

I went top notch and spent close to $600 to cool my CPU and GPU.
First you gotta learn about WC. It's not like walking into Best Buy.
Spend a while (weeks is best for your sanity) at these links.
Look at the hundreds of loops close to your case and components in the stickies, read a couple 50 or so threads over the next week or so, you'll be on the ball to make the right choices and by then know how to put it together.
Not 'Roket Sience', but basic knowledge is required.
And you should spend a few hours on this site reading threads. It's how we learn. Once the goodies show up on your doorstep your on your own.
For your benefit please spend a few days reading a LOT. At the busiest places for WC masters. Guys who have done it for YEARS at OC forums and xtreme forums. It took me a while (I was OCing on air, aftermarket stuff, bios settings, best chipsets etc etc) to learn the language and the tricks to a easy install.

Don't expect miracles or SUPER DOOPER over clocks. What you will get is a quiet system that can handle OC to the max of your hardware IF you buy quality and buy smart. And minor maintenance too, a bonus for the water cooler.

Also while there please read on case mods etc. The radiators are not for small cases, pumps and hose routing, wire management and other things are important. Google your planned case and the word water-cooled in one line. You might get lucky.

Edit: The next paragraph was from 2008. With the advent of the HOT i7 and bigger GPU's, it has changed. A 220 size MIN for an i7, you want big overclocks, better go 320 sized rad.

IF you just cool your CPU and your NB if you want, you can get by with a 120.2 sized radiator (RAD). And MAYBE fit in inside depending on your mod skillz. You want to cool your GPU too, you'll need a 120.3 sized rad, and it probably won't fit inside. The rear external rad really works great. No matter what your adding 15lbs to your PC, maybe 20lbs.

Once you got an idea of what is good/bad then start getting your system for WC put together and we'll be glad to help. Not a noob site, but great stickies My fav, good peeps, know their stuff, less hardcore [...] opic=20277 A GREAT Europe site [...] n&ie=UTF-8 Info on rad testing

Stores [...] e&Itemid=1



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newegg had a kit for you, but they took it away:

That particular water block is good, and I'd like to suggest piecing a custom system together using that water block and a 3-fan 120mm radiator.

The only case I know of that can hold a 3-fan radiator is the Cooler Master Cosmos-S


Feb 10, 2009

:eek: wow, what an eye opener, thanks so much this really helps me out a ton!

By the way, my future rig will consist of the following parts:

Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz
ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard
Patriot Viper 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
Antec Twelve Hundred Black Steel ATX Full Tower OR Thermaltake Armor+MX VH8000BWS Black ATX Mid Tower
SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4870 1GB Crossfire two of these

-minus a few minor parts (hard drive, cd drive, etc...)
The running total is about $1,440 and with liquid cooling i'll probably be pushing $1,900 but i want to keep it under $1,700 so i might not crossfire till i get more money.


great advice, thanks


Dec 10, 2008
Just check out
I have:

P6T Deluxe
OCZ 6Gb ddr3 1600
Thermaltake Armor chassis

And I got these parts from DangerDen:
MPC-CPU - i7 Nehalem/1366 Block -$42.95
Laing DDC-12V 18W V. 3.2 Pump -$76.95
Black Ice GTX120 Radiator -$53.95
Brass Fillport -$13.70

And other items, tubing, etc about -$35.76

So, for about $225 I got my whole setup (CPU cooled only) and it works wonderfully.

My idle temps when overclocked - OC to 3.8Ghz (Stock 2.93Ghz)
Idle ~ 40*C
Load ~65*C

It definitely pays off to liquid cool, but as mentioned above you really want to know what your doing before you buy or install anything.

In my opinion, Danger Den is the best place for custom liquid cooling, and they're support is legendary. I've personally spoken to Jeremy (the owner) on a few occasions. It's a wonderful company that sells quality parts.

Any questions feel free to ask me.