Core i7-930 Temps


Mar 21, 2012

I have about a 2-year old i7-930 @ 3.3MHz (roughly) that I recently noticed was getting a bit high in temperature (around 50°C idle, 75°C full load). I've replaced the thermal paste twice since I've had it.

2 days ago, I decided to clean out the current heatsink I have which is a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme, as well as replace the thermal paste with Shin-etsu x23-7783d, which I have used previously without any problems. I gave it some minimal time to sit before turning it on, and the idle temperatures when first booted were still sitting around 50-53°C and the load between 75-77°C when using Prime95. I've been trying different methods to see if the paste needed curing or with little to no success, and I have reseated once with a new coat of thermal compound to see if that was the issue, with again, no success.

I haven't really had this problem before, and I know that my CPU is getting a bit outdated, as well as the Zalman CNPS10X, but I can't upgrade until this summer, probably around June.

My thought process is to try and get some AC5 and try that, as I've had a lot better application experience with it, or that I have some BIOS setting messed up that's causing problems with cooling.

Are these temperatures okay for the time being? Any suggestions or possible solutions would help. I'm really at a loss for where to go from here, and it's killing me softly worrying about it.

I will post any specs/screenshots/info as needed. Thanks for any future help.