Core i7 Uncore and northbridge voltage


Jun 6, 2009
I have a foxconn renaissance and I'm getting my water cooler tomorrow. With stock cooling I got my cpu between 3.4-3.56 ghz(turbo) and didn't have to mess with voltages very much.
VCore: +.05V
VTTCore: +.01V
NBridge: 1.128 v (Default 1.1)

I want to try for an overclcock above 4 ghz, but I'm not quite sure about a few of my voltage limits. Vcore I know, and I assume vtt core will be nearly identical and will also be involved in the cooling since it is located on the chip (correct me if I'm wrong), but I'm nervous about adjusting my northbridge voltage. I don't know what acceptable temperatures are for it, and even so I have no way of monitoring them. Foxconn's website didn't seem to be any help, and the only info I could find on my motherboard was on a tom's hardware review of it, in which I only found a few screenshots of their overclock, here:,2252-12.html

They set their vcore @ +.28v and vttcore @ +.28v, though their mb predicts net voltages of 1.44 and mine of 1.51 when I do the same settings. More importantly, they set their northbridge to 1.349v. When I Set my bios to anywhere above 1.29, the lettering turns from white to yellow (as it did for each copied setting from the review I tried). In summary, I suppose my question is this: Are these settings appropriate for my overclcock (of coarse I know I can tweak them or go below them), and will that northbridge voltage damage my motherboard/northbridge? (I really wish the mb had an "auto" voltage feature ;))