Question Core i9 10850 heat behaviour

Dec 4, 2020
Hey folks

I am getting some curious results from my rig on temperatures which I would welcome any input.


Core i9 10850, cooled by "Be Quiet" Rock 3
Asus Prime z490 M Board
Corsair Vengeance 32Gb 3,200

At this stage, I have made no attempt to vary the clock speeds with the exception of allowing it to use the memory at the higher rates.

Even so, when using the Asus in built utility I am seeing the following results (when using their PRE-tuning) benchmark within the tuning utility:

CPU Package temperature during benchmarking is hitting 100 c and then backing to around 83 c and then back up (say 5 times).
CPU "normal temperature" say during writing of this is stable around 42 deg C.

Also, I note that the CPU is hitting a reported 4,900mhz which is somewhat over the standard, though within the turbo stated figure.

Soo the questions:

1. These temps feel a little high for standard - any thoughts on whether the cooler simply wasnt best choice, or whether I need to re go with the paste

2. The high clock speed seems rum give I have made no attempt to tune - is this normal "turbo" behaviour, or is the Asus simply autoclocking?

Thanks for any input!



The cooler is fine. The problem is the software and other settings.
Uninstall the Asus software. It's pretty much junk.
Go into bios and make sure MCE(Multi Core Enhancement) is disabled.
Windows power plan on balanced.
Dec 4, 2020
Thanks guys

i will disable the ASUS stuff - to be honest I had read some pretty negative stuff about it’s auto tuning stuff but wrongly assumed it wouldn’t undertake any changes until I asked it to!

my plan was to run as standard and then upgrade after - I think I will review some liquid cooling options prior

thanks again guys!

Dec 4, 2020
Hey all,

I thought I would post an update.

so I tried turning off the ASUS stuff and made no difference.

after a while I decided to investigate further. When I built the system, it used my original case so I decided to upgrade this to a newer one (Fractal 7).

whilst out of the case I decided to remove the heat sink and reseat. The paste was not even on the back of the cpu. So cleaned it and used a little more this time.

I have a sneakin suspicion that it was also not seated properly on the cpu.

even so - with all components other than case remaining the same, the temperatures are way better than before! Loading COD would have seen a spike of 100c. Now, it will only peak atb65c even in game play so a significant improvement when you think that without throttling it would likely have continued to rise.

happy days and a worthwhile reminder that starting with the basics are important!

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