Question core i9 with windows 8.1


what about 8700k?
If you want to be certain, you need to go back to Skylake. Post-Skylake CPUs do not officially support 8.1 and while there are workarounds, it can require a bit of effort and you'll have more success with some motherboards than others. If you're upgrading to a modern CPU and staying in the Windows environment, it's time to upgrade to Windows 10.
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Feb 14, 2014
It depends on your hardware. I am using windows 8.1 on an i7-8700k with a gtx 1060 and asus prime z370-p mobo.
I also have a bunch of pci cards installed all working, like a usb 3.0 bus, an elgato capture card, sound blaster pci card.
My motherboard has usb 3.1 ports, they installed fine. Onboard audio is working.
Onboard graphics does not work though.
If you use a gpu for your monitors instead of your cpus integrated graphics you can do it without a headache i think... unless you want to use more than 3 or 4 monitors like me.
Every driver I installed is working, except the intel udh 630 graphics.
I am trying to use the integrated graphics working myself because i have 4 monitors and my 1060 only has 3 ports for monitors. but even with igpu turned on in my bios i cannot use the onboard graphics at all. That seems to be the only drawback ive had. Oh and you wont be getting windows updates from microsoft. Youll likely get the unsupported hardware popup. But if this wouldnt concern you id say youre good to use windows 8.1 if you want. Windows 8.1 runs fine otherwise. Very snappy.
As for me, i either need to find a working driver, make a driver work, buy a new gpu with more connections, or buy new monitors so i can utilize daisy chaining via displayport.
Or i have to upgrade to windows 10 to get support...

I did also find that if you set in your bios to use the cpu graphics as the primary monitor you can force windows to use the monitor, it will install the basic display adapter, but if you connect multiple monitors to the onboard graphics it just mirrors them. You wont be able to extend the display and use it as a separate monitor.
If you wanted a splitter built into your pc though.. this may be convenient.
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