Question Core PC Component Upgrade & Downsize... Recommendations Please


Oct 2, 2013
I think the time has come to start the next iteration in my home PC life. I come and go from the PC world as I need to build a new system; currently I'm a little out of touch. I've been scouring benchmarks and reviews but I could really use some extra help part picking. Usage is occasional gaming, occasional CAD, occasional photo editing, occasional rendering, productivity stuff. Often lots of things at once. I used to do a lot of work from home that required a powerful PC, now I'm just used to high performance in day to day tasks and want to be able to game at 1440p ultrawide when I pick up a new game.

I'm coming from a mammoth build in a Thermaltake Tower 900 with dual 480mm rads that at one point housed three 290X's in trifire. I bought a 1080 ti FTW3 a while back that I've been happy with and I think I'm going to use it for my next build too (2080 ti doesn't seem worth the cost of upgrading to me at this point). With the way components seem to be going, I no longer need a 100lb monstrosity and would like to try something of a smaller form factor that still fits a full size GPU. I also built a storage server a couple years ago and no longer need to cram a ton of HDD's in my workstation case.

I'm thinking the new AMD 3900X and 3950X look good. I know it's more cores than I will use gaming, but I would like 12 cores for the occasional heavily multi threaded tasks and multitasking. And cinebench of course, if that's still a thing?

What do I do for a mobo and case? I'd like a case that can fit a 240mm rad and look cool doing it. Also, I'd like it to be small. mITX crossed my mind, but I'm not sold on only using 2 RAM slots so may end up going a bit bigger. May need a power supply too.. my desire to go small does not seem to line up with my current 1500W badass.

Current Build Specs (in case you were wondering what I want to beat):
Tower 900
Corsair ax1500i
Rampage V Extreme
4*16gb GSkill 3000 mhz
1080 ti FTW3
Samsung 960 Pro 1tb
4tb hybrid HDD
Custom watercooling loop.
1440p 27" 60hz IPS monitors (x3)

New build will reuse:
1080 ti FTW3
Samsung 960 Pro 1tb
4*16gb G Skill 3000 mhz (maybe)