Core2Duo P8700 Vs I3 330M


Apr 12, 2010
Hi all,
I am planning to get a new notebook.These r 2 offers i hv from Sony :

Core2Duo P8700(2.53 Ghz),512mb GDDR3 Nvidia GT230M graphics,14"LED Backlit display,320gb HDD, Cost Rs.40000($890)[getting a discount of Rs. 18000(orig cost Rs 58000) becoz sony wants to clear old core2duo products]

i3 330M(2.13Ghz),1GB DDR3 ATI HD5650 Graphics,15.5"Full HD LED Backlit display,500gb HDD, Cost Rs.50000($1112)

Both laptops hv win7 Home Premium & 4GB DDR3 Ram

I know i3 is new & efficient processor but there is difference of clock speed & (significant)cost of 2 notebooks, also there r very slim chances of me, upgrading processor in future

I will be using Multiple applications, SQL server or Oracle, Visual Studio &some other software development products & occasional gaming.

Is it worth to spend extra Rs.10000 for the 2nd laptop deal.

Help me out Guys...
Hello and welcome to the forums :)
Without a doubt go for the second one,Core i3 330M and P8700 performs pretty much the same but the second on has a significantly faster graphic card along with more HDD and a better display,so go for it.
BTW i edited your topic because the topic title says S8700 vs i3 330M,but you asked about P8700