Question Cores only reach 4300 Mhz on stress test


Oct 17, 2020
I overclocked my i7 9700k to 5Ghz with adaptive voltage and dynamic cpu ratio mode
Here are my bios settings :
Cpu ratio apply mode: all core
Cpu ratio: 50
Cpu ratio mode: Dynamic mode
Cpu ratio offset when running avx: -2
Ring ratio: 47
Eist: enabled
Enhanced turbo: auto
Intel C-state: disabled
Cpu base clock: 100
Cpu core voltage apply mode: adaptive mode
Cpu core voltage: 1.320
Cpu over current protection: 140%

rest is on auto and when I do OCCT stress test all cores are at 4300 Mhz except for core 1 and 2 I think they are at 4500Mhz or something is this normal? shouldnt they be at 4800Mhz while stress testing?
Temperatures is not the problem cores are at 60-70C while doing the test