CoreTemp is displaying 12384.51MHz on my FX 8350?

Hello all,
This is my problem:

For the record, my OC is done through BIOS. My base clock setting is 200MHz and my multiplier is 26 and voltage is 1.31V. Load Line Calibration is low, so 1.3V might be accurate if there's voltage droop.

I honestly have no idea what's going on here... Is CoreTemp only accurate with Intel CPUs?

Thanks in advance to all that offer their advice.



Nov 9, 2016
Are you overclocking to 4.6 right? 200*46 is 9200 and that would be an impossible speed too, maybe it's a sensor fault or the program is getting wrong readings, try using CPU-Z or AIDA64

edit: 9200

Typo. Multiplier setting is 26. It's always been stable at that speed on my other motherboard, and it still is stable but CoreTemp seems to be lying to me.

Yes, I fresh installed Windows after changing the board. Yes, I installed all drivers via manufacturer websites. No, I didn't install any software CPU overclocking utilities. I always do my overclocking in BIOS.


Jan 13, 2016
I noticed inaccuracies with readings like this with my FX 8350 @4.8, things such as task manager still thinking it was at a max of 4 Ghz yet it was clearly running above that. I wouldn't focus too much on it, especially with Core Temp which had issues with the FX CPUs in their early days.

HWMonitor may well show different readings...

Well I reseated the CPU... Socket is behaving strangely... The retention arm doesn't move smoothly and the socket suddenly moves violently when the lever hits that inconsistency. It still happens when the CPU is not in the socket.

Now that I've reseated the CPU, BIOS is unhappy with my OC settings that were working fine at 35C max just 20 minutes ago.

I'm going to try another board with a fresh install and see what happens.
Just put in another board. The same OC settings I used before (on the other board) are working fine. AIDA64 identifies my CPU properly now. AIDA64 info seems correct, CoreTemp is still trying to lie to me.

Thanks everyone for all your help, but I think I just solved my own issue.
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