News Coronavirus is Making the Internet Stronger, MIT Claims

What all of these individuals fails to emphasize is how congested the local "last-mile" connections are becoming now. Sure, the cable ISP (like Comcast, etc.) has enough bandwidth in its hubs/data centers, but the low-end upload your whole neighborhood is sharing is become much more congested. That affects video-conferencing, gaming, teleworking, and other items that have the need for better upload speeds vs just download only (like web pages). The stay-at-home situation is causing more types of connections to be made from home, and it's really showing how little improvement is going into the last-mile connection.

So if you claim the Internet providers have enough bandwidth for all, then cable providers especially need to improve the last-mile connections. Everyone should want FTTH (fiber to the home), whether that is cable providers with a hybrid fiber/coax solution, upgrading multi-tenant buildings with fiber, rural providers, or the like. Then we would all feel more confident in our capability to operate from home, and that Internet traffic isn't an issue.