Correct CPU temperature?


Jun 1, 2008
HI everyone

I've been trying to monitor my CPU temperatures (Athlon 64 Socket 754 Venice) using Coretemp and Everest Ultimate. However, in
the latter I'm getting two temperatures, with the 'CPU diode' being much higher than that of the 'CPU'. In Coretemp and HWmonitor
I'm just getting one temperature which corresponds to the CPU diode one in Everest.

Which is the one I should be concerned most about? The CPU diode temps are in the high forties...

Thanks for any input......
Coretemp, HWmonitor, and RealTemp are all good choices for monitoring CPU temperatures.

Everest, in my own experience, doesn't always label things in a very clear manner.

However, the other three programs locate the CPU temperature flawlessly in my experience. Although some programs can be more accurate than others (RealTemp is fantastic), any of them should work for you.

And having a CPU in the 40's (Celsius) is fairly normal for an 'idle' temperature with stock cooling systems.