Question Correct SSD Card

May 14, 2021
I apologize in advance since for many, this is probably a very easy question. My son is in to gaming and we built his PC using a YouTube video. It has worked really well for over a year. He is now interested in getting a 2nd SSD drive since he is running out of space. He has a B450 Gaming PRO Carbon MAX WiFi motherboard and the M2_1 slot is already used so we were thinking of buying a 2nd SSD card for his M2_2 slot. Looking at the specs (, the M2_2 supports PCIe 2.0 x4 2242 /2260 /2280 storage devices. I understand these numbers refer to the card size (2242 /2260 /2280). The PCIe 2.0 I believe refers to version 2 with a four-lane configuration. I am just trying to show I have tried to do my homework.

So I am looking for an SSD card which works for his M2_2 slot and I found this option on Amazon ( The hardware interface says PCIe x4 so I am trying to understand if this means it will work. I am nervous since I have already purchased one option that does not work and this option says Gen3 x4. Its ok if the read speeds are a little slower as long as the SSD card works.

If there is another option that people recommend, please share. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time.


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PCIe 4 is backwards compatible, it will work but only run at version 2.0 speeds as that is what you have.

linked card is actually PCIe 3.0 which is also backwards compatible - it will work.