Question Corroded/Rusty HDMI, DVI, Display Ports, etc

Is it INSIDE the ports, on the actual contacts, or is it only on the surrounding framework of the ports?

Why is there rust and corrosion on them? Do you live somewhere where it is extremely humid all the time? Did you spill something on them at some point in the past? Is this on the motherboard that you are talking about or someplace else? Did the board sit in storage for a while?

Are the ports not working or you haven't tried them yet?


Feb 20, 2019
The ports of the GPU are working, the rust/corrosion is on the surrounding framework as well as within. The previous owner kept it somewhere humid. :/
Probably. The reason is because a lot of sandpapers, especially finer grits, are made with metals and fine particulates from the sandpaper could be left in the port, even if blown out with compressed air. Besides which, it's probably almost impossible to get a piece of sandpaper in an area that small in any way that could accomplish anything meaningful. Also, you could generate an electrostatic charge that might zap something on that circuit that the port is connected to. Doesn't have to be assembled for that to be a problem.

I'm sure there are ways to do what you need to do, I just don't know of any. Perhaps with sandpaper, a NON-metal based sandpaper that is, then a rinse with electrical contact cleaner, agitate with toothbrush, then rinse again with electrical contact cleaner, and then blow out using compressed air.

Generally, if there is significant enough corrosion or rust to warrant a need to do something, that something involves throwing the part in the trash.

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