Question Corrupt Standard VGA Driver No Boot

Jul 11, 2020
Hello, I'm new to posting so forgive me.
I have a Windows 7 Home Premium PC. I was replacing the graphics card with two older ones (hd 4870 x2). My newer one died. While i started it up for the first time with these cards in the system it booted up just fine to the desktop. While it was installing the basic video driver, like windows does, my 2 year old son came over and hit the power switch on my power supply. Of course the next time I tried booting it it just showed the loading screen then immediately rebooted. I'm assuming because it was trying to load those standard VGA drivers and crashed because they were corrupted. It will not boot into any of the alternative boot options like safe mode ect.. does anyone have any suggestions on how I can have my system back without reinstalling?