Corrupted audio file + Moved audio file on phone

Mar 21, 2020
Hi, I discovered an odd sound recorder file and another sound recorder file that shouldn't have been where it was on my relatively new Consumer Cellular phone. The first file's details say its length is 88:46:28 and that it used 99K of data. The file also didn't play on my phone, but I recovered it on my Mac.

The recording's data usage doesn't match the 88 hours and 46 minutes listing at all. 99K equals only 8 seconds of audio (the length of the reconstructed recording). I'm sure I didn't do anything like press buttons on my phone in a way that could have corrupted the file and there weren't incoming phone calls, texts, or otherwise when the recording was made that could have corrupted it either.

The second file was in my phone's music player. It was originally in the sound recorder app, but somehow got moved to music and I found it on a whim. There's seemingly no way I could have been the one who moved it though. You can only do four things with a sound recorder file on my phone: share it, delete it, rename it, or inspect its details. I never shared the file in question and sound recorder files can't even be shared to the music player. The only relation between the sound recorder and music player is that they both exist in the phone's multimedia folder. They're not synced. To the best of my recollection, I also didn't shut off or restart the phone between the time the second file was made and when I found it in the music player.

Could a glitch/bug be responsible for not one, but both of these issues? I get how a glitch/bug might have caused the first file's corruption, but could a glitch/bug have really moved the second file on its own from one app to another app in the same folder, even though they aren't synced? For the record, last year, my computers and phones were proven to have been hacked. I'm just not confident enough that hacking is involved here to get my new phone investigated yet.
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