Corrupted Dell Inspiron 1501


Jul 11, 2010
I am trying to repair my granddaughters Dell Inspiron 1501 and it is corrupted so I have tried to go into it to repair it and it keeps asking me for a password. It must be one given to the machine when it was made as it does not accept the password she has put on herself. I have tried several permutations like 0000 but after a couple of tries it comes up with Dell System Disabled 13306. Can you help me as I the operating system is corrupted and will not load windows so I can get into it and reformat the hard drive. I have done a diagnostic check and it just comes up telling me to restart the computer.
I deleted your e-mail addy, as it is never a good idea to put such info on any forum. You could open yourself up to spam attacks, malware, etc...

In regard to the problem, where exactly is this password showing up at? I've never heard of one popping up during a repair. It seems like it could be a Dell related problem, so your best bet would be to get a hold of Dell support and see what they have to say about it.