Question Corrupted files :(


Jan 25, 2017
Whenever I download any song from Youtube I can play the audio file (.mp3) just fine, but as soon as I apply it to Sony Vegas or Audacity the file corrupts it seems. I've tried downloading songs using different mp3 converters, such as YtMp3 and Go-mp3, and the web browser I use is Opera GX.

On audacity, the file goes from a song to an ear piercing half-second noise. On Sony Vegas, I can't even open the file to begin with.
I'm not exactly sure how long this has been going on, but I want to say a little less than a month ago I was messing with freshly downloaded songs on audacity/sony vegas just fine, and those files still work to this day.

Things I've tried:
On Audacity, I've tried inputting raw data and used VLC media player to view the song's codec, pasted those numbers into Audacity to just be met with extremely loud static.
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One option, what i've also used, with 100% success, is to screen-record the YT song, into a video file. And then, rip the audio from the video, cut the excess and save it into *.mp3. It's more work but it's also solid.

Plugins/programs that rip the audio directly from YT, and then get corrupted, are to do with YT copy protection, which seems to work as it's supposed to.

Audio downloading from YT isn't legal (unless you own the rights for that song or it is freeware) and nowadays, i just have YT playlists that i listen, since i'm too old to spend my time "getting" the *.mp3 files.