Question Corrupted m.2, isn't seen by windows, savable?


Dec 16, 2016
I am currently in possession of an m.2 that I have been tasked with saving the data from, here is all the info I have gathered:

  • It cannot be seen by Windows 10 in any way that I've tried other than through Disk Part in command prompt (can't be seen by disk management).
  • Command prompt can't see how much data is on the drive, but for some reason (at least on this specific computer) it can't see how much data any of my drives have on them. (also m.2's)
  • It cannot be picked up by other computers either (except through command prompt).
  • It was corrupted after failing mid update of windows
  • It's normally plugged in using a chassis that turns it into a traditional SATA connection, I swapped out the chassis as well as plugged into a regular m.2 slot and got the same results.

I've run out of ideas, if there is any more information that I could attempt to get for you, please let me know!