Corrupted os or failing hard drive?


Jul 26, 2018
This will be somewhat long winded but i have no clue what is going on with this pc anymore. At first windows seemed to corrupt itself upon update so i decided to roll it back. The pc worked fine for a while until it suddenly didn't allow you to sign into user accounts siting different errors each time. When enabling an admin account through the cmd i ran the "dism tool" suggested by windows report. I had assumed windows itself was corrupted at this point as i cannot do anything windows related such as use explorer or even open the windows start menu. After doing so the pc restarted and auto signed me into the administrator account with no chance to even see the others. Sometimes when booting you can open the task manager by doing ctrl+shift+esc but sometimes it doesnt work. The one time it did work i noticed that my singular hard drive had divided into 6 partitions! I want to know if there is any way to save the data and or this pc save buying a new hard drive and attempting to recover the data off of the seemingly failing hard drive by installing windows on the new drive. Help me please!


Take out the hard drive, connect it to a working computer as a secondary and see if you can copy the files that way. Next time make backups of your files before issues start, trying stuff after there are issues is too late.

Some system have disk check utilities in the BIOS, run that and see what the result is. You can also do a disk check from a Linux Live boot disk, boot off the USB with Linux, there are utilities there to check the disk. Those other partitions you see could be hidden partitions on the disk that got un-hidden by the Windows updates, I have seen it happen. Windows 10 is really bad with updates, many times there are issues since they push them out so often and the testing is not as good as with Win 7. Seems every new patch there are issues with data loss, computers locking up, etc...