Question Corrupted Registry - Restore point worked - I will live with this - thanks

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Jul 21, 2019
** I finally got an earlier restore point to work and I am able to get the PC running. This has been 5 hours of agony and I am sorry if I violated site rules that was not my intention. I will live with this solution and recover data as best as I can. Thanks to the moderator for the earlier response to my first question. * I apologize for my earlier question and it seems I did not state my question clearly, that is my fault. I am unable to start my late wife's PC this morning. I have a message stating that the PC has a corrupted registry. I have run chkdsk /R and then tried to go back to a restore point of yesterday afternoon but the restore fails. The message suggests that I reset the system but I would like to know if there is an alternative to this option as I would like to avoid having to reinstall and reconfigure the software and apps on the PC? If I do choose the option of reset for the PC do I need to have a windows 10 disk? Her PC was not shipped with a system disk. Thank you.
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As before, Forum rules prohibit assistance.

We have no way to know what the full situation may be.

If the system is again running then you must work with what you have.

If the system is again failing to allow you access under any circumstances (e.g. "corrupted registry", "failed restore", etc.) the same Forum rules apply.

Closing thread accordingly.
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