Question Corrupted Windows. Automatic Repair

Nov 6, 2022
The problem :
Every so often when I turn my PC on, I get this automatic repair junk telling me to choose language etc. I tried all options no success.
This happens often and usually I just restart 10+ times and it magically fixes.. But this is a daily struggle

Why I think it’s happening
I recently installed on a VM loads of apps.
I format my pc often enough so this youtube video helped me make my own ISO with pre installed apps. Every since then it works great no issues. For example, today I plugged in my wired controller and my PC and this happened:

Crazy? right? I think when i plugged my controller in that my PC tried to BSOD but it just broke idk. Because this happens a lot, I regularly unplug and plug my controller when i play some games and 40% of the time i get BSOD for VBoxMouse.sys
Then 20% of the time my whole screen just breaks like the image it looks weird idk how to describe it.

After I just reboot 400 times and it fixes itself magically