Question Corrupted wins 10 on dual boot system.

Jan 22, 2023
Is it possible to put a corrupted win 10 folder in the trash can on a dual boot system-i have no wish to format as i have many needed files on the drive and being elderly cannot aford any back-up media.

All i am given when trying to boot from the drive is --
"Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically"
No space on my other drive.-Cannot repair the damaged windows from the boot screen and cannot fix it by cloning or partion magic.

Can still use my other win operating system as its dual boot.
Please help.
Which OSes?
On most Windows OSes you could delete the boot entry that is not working from msconfig.
Select the keyboard keys Windows+R
Type msconfig in the search box and click OK.
Go to the Boot tab.
Select which Windows version you’d like to boot into directly and set it as Default
You can delete the one that is not working by selecting it and then clicking Delete
Click Apply
Click OK
After that you could delete any folders and files.
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Do you want to keep both operating systems?
If so your best best option would be a repair install.
This is supposed to fix windows system files and leave personal files intact. In theory.
I can not guarantee you will not lose personal files.

You will need a windows 10 thumb drive/dvd to boot from.
You can make one by downloading it on a thumb drive.
Create or install DVD/Thumb drive.
Boot computer . and enter bios.
Go to boot menu and select DVD/Thumb drive.

Tutorial to follow here.
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Jan 22, 2023
Thanks guys -repair seems impossible so will delete via msconfig and then remove the corrupted win 10 folder.

Both were win 10 instals in case of a drive failure and i have a copy of win 10 on DVD.