Question Corsair 4000D Airflow?


Apr 20, 2019
I have an odd layout in a 011d evo case and am just looking at options to downgrade in size, it wont fit on the desk with my ultrawide (the Alienware OLED is that good for me to change my setup ha). Currently I have a 360mm aio cooling the CPU on the "side" as intake, a 360 aio for the GPU which is a 3080ti (and runs hot but under 65) on top as exhaust, with 3 fans at bottom for more intake and then a 120 at rear for more exhaust (more just filling the gap its set so low RPM wise). What (if any) are options as far as something a bit smaller? If going with something like the 4000D I would have to put the aio for the GPU there (I dont have the stock cooler, i tossed it when i put the water block on it), could i put a push/pull exhaust there and buy a 240 aio for the cpu and put it up top as intake? Then have the fan in back as intake as well lol. Sounds ridiculous but is that an option? Or is there another case, or other suggestions as to what to do lol. Just a bit smaller?