Question Corsair 4000D RAM clearance problem

Jan 10, 2022
I recently made a Corsair build with the 4000D case and the H115i Elite Cappelix. Due to research I knew it would be hard to top mount the AOI and still fit the RGB ram so I went with the Corsair Vengeance RGB SL variant since the height was exactly the same (44mm) as the one I've seen in this video @Minute 18:


Ofcourse it didn't fit. The easy solution would be to get the same RAM as used in Paul's Hardware's video. Although the appereance of the G Skill Trident Z seems to have changed if I look it up and I don't want to gamble on it again.
So the question is, oddly specific so I know it's a long shot, if there is anyone with the same components

  • MSI B550 Tomahawk
  • 4000D corsair case
  • H115i top mounted
That was actually able to fit RGB memory in there. Would be pretty dissapointed if I couldn't complete my RGB build, without getting the H110i.
Hope anyone can help. Thanks!
i've seen many builds with this case and haven't seen coolers anywhere near the RAM, or even the tip of the motherboard.
post some images of your own build for comparison.

some such builds:

i would guess the issue is with the design of your motherboard if you are not able to fit.