Question Corsair 465x case question

Jul 16, 2021
So i recently bought a corsair 465x case, and it came with 3 Corsair LL120 (rgb) fans and a Corsair Lighting node core. I noticed that the fans were pre wired to the lnc and the lnc was powered by a sata cable and connected to the mobo using usb 2.0. In the front (where the mobo goes) I noticed some front panel io that was all explained by the case's manual: hd audio, power sw, reset sw, power led + & -, and usb 3.0. All of these connections were labeled, except for the usb 3.0 connector which was very obvious as the largest one (the manual had pictures :)). In the same location in the front, there were 3 4-pin connectors, and I assume they are for the 3 LL120 fans, because I heard the lnc was only for rgb... i have 4 fan headers on my motherboard, apart from the cpu header and cpu_opt header. another question: do i need a corsair commander or something to control the fans? or can the fans just connect to the motherboard?

if everything i said in here was correct, please let me know... if anything i said was wrong, please correct me. this is the first time i have ever built a pc so please try to explain this as if you were talking to a 9 year old.