Corsair 650w to xfx radeon hd 6870, help


Aug 27, 2011
should i use 2 separate 6 pin connectors going from the psu to the card even though each power chord comes with 2 connectors? with this configuration i would have 2 connectors not being used, dangling around, no big deal to me but this definitely would mean that i wouldnt be able to use crossfire as i don't have enough connectors to the psu (if they need independent connections).

the booklet says that each input needs a separate connection to the psu, but this seems strange to me given that crossfire seems impossible, or is it that 650w psus have less connectors in general?


It depends on the design of your PSU. If the PSU has one 12V rail then it does not matter. If the PSU has multiple 12V rails then it's better to balance the load by using individual cables so that you don't overload one of the rails.