Corsair and OCZ 600W PSU


Nov 17, 2013
I'm trying to make a new build for 2014, my current build has an OCZ 450w PSU that has served me well and is quiet like a mouse, i love it.

But 450 is very likely to be outside the frame of what i'm going for, so i would like some suggestions.

I'm looking for something on the 600w range, i was looking at some OCZ and Corsair models (ZT and CM mostly, to give and idea of Budget) and i was quite satisfied, but then i took it to youtube to get more info and i see over and over videos of people showing annoying clicks, grating noises and some really bad stuff that made me shy away from both.

If it was just one or two that would be fine... but when i see 10-20 people harping the same line of product and model, i like to give that some attention...

Problem is, now i don't know where to run to or if i should disregard that...

So, single GPU Rig, no Overclocking in mind. Any suggestions?

Seasonic doesn't make a 550W 80 PLUS Bronze semi-modular or full modular model.,39&qq=1&t=4,5&e=3,2&p=1,2&w=600,500

The 520W and 620W semi-modular models are based on the old group regulated design.

You would have to move up to the 650W model to get a modern DC-to-DC circuit design.

If you really want a 550W PSU:

Seasonic makes the majority of the best performing PSUs on the market.

Delta, Etasis, Enermax and Flextronics are the other premium quality PSU manufacturers.